Comprehensive Accounting & Business Management Software That Quickly Stamps Out Reporting Issues In Growing Businesses.

Advanced Business Manager (ABM)
has been designed and developed by accountants to create the next generation of accounting software for progressive businesses. ABM offers a rich range of industry and customer specific business solutions with seamless integration, transforming a comprehensive accounting system into a complete industry specific business system. ABM’s business solutions include the following:

  • manufacturing
  • fast stock handling
  • structured stock
  • service Management
  • wineries
  • job and time sheeting
  • payroll & human resource Management
  • customer relationship Management (CRM)
  • assets Management
  • point of sale (PoS)
  • budgets
  • plant & equipment Management
  • ecommerce
  • importing
  • external application integration
  • mobile services
  • sales forecasting
  • electronic data interchange (eDi)

This product offers:

  • Cashbook. In addition to being an integral part of debtors and creditors, the cashbook facility generates cheques, produces partial payments, processes receipts and monitors bank accounts.
  • General or Nominal ledger. Each general or nominal ledger account can be analysed in one or two dimensions, using sub-accounts to control your finances by department, cost centre, etc. The Budget Wizard will help prepare your budgets in Microsoft ® excel, and one click integrates those figures back into ABM
  • Sales and Debtors. The sales ledger allows you to manage the entire sales life cycle, from the customer initial enquiry through to the completed order and invoice. The system handles quotations, orders, invoicing, delivery, sales and credits. a strong but simple point of sale facility is available which talks directly to the accounting system.
  • Purchasing and Creditors. The purchase ledger handles requisitions, orders, returns, credits, invoicing, delivery and purchase analysis.
  • Stock Control – ABM handles multiple stock locations, tracks serial and lot numbers and products that are made up of components to increase stock visibility and improve the efficiency of your business
  • Job costing and Project Management. Job accounting facilities are provided for service industries, construction, projects or job manufacturing organisations, to sustain a controlled environment for effective management. Jobs may be analysed by cost centre, and split into stages for the purpose of progress claims, as well as assigned to a job manager for organisation and responsibility purposes. costs and charges are automatically calculated, posted and compared to estimates, relieving staff from unnecessary time consuming tasks.
  • Scheduler. Create and organise scheduled automated tasks such as running backups, reports, database housekeeping and business bulletins.
  • Business Bulletins. With Business Bulletins companies can quickly and easily design their own bulletins which summarise the health and wealth of the business.